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1. April 2019

Next Level Solutions: Smart Service for Smart Systems

Technologies change, we change. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but continually. We are currently facing one of these transition periods, both in society and technology. The digital transformation is here and has already impacted people all across the globe. It has unlocked many new opportunities and also has brought with it new challenges. Companies need to react to these challenges by creating innovative business models, communicating differently and reacting more quickly. Murrelektronik and our Next Level Solutions Team is here to help you make the transition and take your business to the next level.

Murrelektronik Next Level Solutions

When it comes to technology transitions, Murrelektronik has always been a thought leader. We belong to the committees and international organizations that define our future technologies. We have been there from the beginning as new trends established themselves as standards. Our approach is driven by a single question: How can our customers benefit from these new technologies?

The technology transition also requires new ideas to take our customers to the next level. It requires both knowledge and experience to successfully manage the transition from the traditional, analog systems in machine engineering to smart, digital, Ethernet-based communication systems. Our individual employees contribute significant ideas, but teamwork is our most valuable asset in order to develop the best and most extensive solutions for our customers.

Murrelektronik’s outstanding technological expertise and our excellent customer service make us a strong partner to take you to the next level. Working together, we have an experienced team to support you through all phases of your machine and system lifecycle. Merging your specialist knowledge with our automation expertise allows us to develop the optimum solution for your needs.

Technological changes have revolutionized many areas in your organization and that of your end customer. The purchasing department is now able to tap into new savings potentials. Planners can design the best machine layout by working together with our experts. Machine and systems operators appreciate intelligent machines that are easy to operate. Management also has access to real-time-data that visualizes system utilization. The whole organization is taken to the next level because machines increase their run-time, production is only briefly interrupted for scheduled maintenance and the cost-effectiveness and productivity of smart machines and systems becomes a reality.

We’re there to support you with large-scale projects and small-scale tasks alike, from planning and commissioning to customer service. We take advantage of the right opportunities unlocked by this technology transition and create customized solutions that are optimized for your specific challenges. We draw on more than 40 years of valuable experience to take you to the next level.


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